About Me

Hey, I'm Julie Uhl! (Pronounced "yule", like "yuletide".)
 I am a worrier, but am definitely a "glass-half-full" kind of person. I am a planner, but my organizational skills leave something to be desired. I love helping and giving back, and am most definitely a people person. I am outgoing and like to joke around. (Laughter is the best medicine for most everything!) I like fun, bright colors, but I'd have to say aqua/turquoise is definitely a favorite!! I love spending time with family and soaking up every moment of my precious baby boy and my wonderful husband. Summer is my favorite season by far, thanks to the warm weather, lots of sunshine and all the opportunities to get together with family and friends. (It also doesn't hurt that I have an August birthday!)

I am inspired by the beauty in simple things. I love chubby little baby hands and tiny toes, inside jokes and eskimo kisses. I want my business and my images to inspire others; to be a reflection of MY joy and love for life. I want it to represent quality, not just with the images, but also through the experience. And I hope that people can see my passion for my “job” as I'm able to capture their memories!

My precious family! 
(Photo credit: Brittany Mauldin)